Yard Sale!

Altenberg Yard Sale

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  1. Pillory – wood construction, breaks down for easy storage. Goes together with wood pegs. Comes with bucket full of sponge “rocks”, and wood and rope manacles. Great for Jail n Bail fundraisers, or photo ops. Lock up your friends! Stone your enemies! Fun for the whole family.
  2. Forge and anvil—19 th century railroad forge in working condition with lever-action bellows. Large “portable” anvil on stand.
  3. Dishes/cookware– assorted totes of serving utensils, tableware, platters, pitchers and more. Almost everything needed to serve a feast for 60-80!
  4. Tablecloths and décor – assorted totes of table cloths, tabards, napkins and miscellanea, mostly in blue and white colors.
  5. Pirate games- bean bag toss and pin the patch on the pirate. Great for kids of all ages.
  6. Signs – two troll signs. “Troll” and “Welcome Morsels!
  7. Event signs – 8 tripod event signs, mdf and wood construction, painted white with Altenberg arms. Adjustable directional arrows. Could easily be repainted with another design.
  8. Pennsic Sink Set – knock down wood frame with built in drying rack and towel bar. Comes with two plastic laundry tubs, faucet assembly, hoses, drain manifold, and portable propane water heater.
  9. Barrels –6 wood retail display barrels. Light and portable. Great décor pieces.